Pruning & Reshaping

Tree pruning & reshaping in urban areas is essential as it helps in maintaining the plants’ aesthetic appeal. In addition, it also plays a role in the conservation of the ecosystem. When your trees become overgrown, they can easily start to take over your home or garden. Tree reshaping and pruning can help control the situation before it becomes worse.

Coppicing and pollarding are considered the most affordable and quickest ways for our professionals to prune your trees. The two methods make it easier for us to remove height and density from the trees. Our professionals specialize in tree thinning, reductions, shaping, and balancing.

To make sure that your trees will remain in good condition, our professionals will start by conducting sectional removal of branches. This will then be followed by bud stunting and root reduction. Other steps that we will follow when pruning the trees will include:

  • Eliminating the vulnerability of shades spaces
  • Allowing daylight to access the ground surface for regrowth and safety purposes
  • Removing excessive shadowing branches and reducing the bulk of the trees

Having worked with both softwood and hardwood trees, you can rest assured that there is no tree that our team cannot handle with ease.
Pruning not only helps to increase the amount of light getting into the house, but it also reduces the chances of your tree contracting a disease. Tree diseases not only affect a single tree, but they have the potential to affect the whole garden. We have a team of tree pruning experts who are NTPC trained who will ensure that the tree retains its structure and shape for many years.

Our Services

  • We offer a great professional service for pruning and reshaping.
  • Great for increasing light into garden and house.
  • We have a range of staff that have got experience in residential and utility work .
  • Tree decay can be taking place so pruning and reshaping can bring your tree back or even make your tree safe if it has dead wood in.
  • Its important to keep on top of this because of you leave the tree to decay to long it can increase chance of disease and effecting the whole tree.
  • We ensure all our pruning cuts are correct making sure the tree sustains a strong structure and create a good shape for the future.
  • Fully NTPC trained in pruning