Tree Felling & Dismantling

Tree Felling & Dismantling is a process followed when removing or cutting down a tree that is no longer wanted. Our team cuts the unwanted trees near its base through the use of a winch or wedge ensuring that it will fall down as a single piece. Depending on the customer preferences, we can remove the tree completely or relocate it to another location within the property.

In some instances, a client may be unable to fix a problem with their tree using tree surgery services such as pruning and trimming. If the tree is not considered an asset by the owners, then it is upon us to make sure that it is removed so that it does not cause any future problems.

Common reasons why clients may want a tree removed include:

  • The client wants to change the landscaping, which means that the tree has to go for this fete to be achieves.
  • The disease has destroyed its leaves and limbs causing it to lose its visual appeal.
  • Tree roots pose a problem to the plumbing pipes and home’s foundation.
  • Leaves, branches, and limbs have come too close to the house and are blocking your path to sunlight. This also causes moisture to start building up on the roof and walls of your house.
  • The tree has sustained severe structural damage. Such a tree could be problematic as it could easily fall over

It is tempting to want to fell a problematic tree on your own. But as tempting as the thought maybe, this is an exercise best left to the professionals.

Professional Experience

  • We provide and professional but completive rate for our site clearance. We do a wide range of site from small back gardens to big tree felling jobs in Woodlands. We’ve done a range of work from councils and some big clearances.
  • It is in our best interests to preserve trees and save them were possible but in some cases trees have to come down.
  • Example store damage, building plans, hazardous on small roads.
  • There are a number of techniques we can use for take a tree down and our staff are trained in all aspects of felling, rigging, lowering all verified by NPTC board.