Wood Chipping

Once a shrub or tree has been removed or pruned, Arbworks comes in and chips the removed tree or limbs. Chipping is  a great way to simplify the disposal process by making it more efficient and safer for the workers handling the debris.

As soon as the chipping process is completed, our team of specialists will collect all these materials and take away the debris. We will ensure that we leave your site or property clean, safe, and clear of any form of debris. If you wish, the chippings can also left for use for landscaping, weed prevention or as ground cover.

Some of our clients in some cases requests us to leave behind the tree trunks and larger limbs for use in their houses or factories as firewood. We have partnered with local businesses within the Cheshire & North Wales area who accepts wood chips from from our works whcih means that we get to recycle a good amount of all the wood chipping & debris.

Wood chips are able to provide numerous benefits to the property owner. As long as the wood we are chipping is disease-free and healthy, you can use the chips for various tasks such as weed suppression, erosion control, and as natural organic compost.
We are able to chip wood in large volumes due to the use of large-capacity wood chippers. The chippers can chip branches up to a diameter of 8 inches.

Our Wood Chipping Services

  • This is a great service we supply anything that is keeping up space in your garden and you want to be chipped and removed.
  • We can chip branches up to a diameter of 8inches